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Professional Lighting

Professional Lighting

E27 Shoes Boot UV Medical Sterilizer Dryer Warmer Deodorizer Dehumidify

Main Features: - Three timing available: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, always on.- Small size, easy to carry and store.- Super intensity ultraviolet sterilization, UVC 253.7nm radiation intensity from the b..


EleLight JSK - 18 LED Daylight Therapy Lamp

Descriptions:With the coming of winter, shorter days and longer nights, many people suffer from the seasonal affective disorder, which is a depression linked to the changing of the season and the insu..


YWXLigh Full Spectrum Panel LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants Flower Hydro Garden

LED wavelength: red (620-630 nm), blue (460-470 nm). The wavelength of the light emitted by this red and blue growth light can be completely absorbed by the plant from seedling to harvest, which is be..


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